Friday, October 8, 2010

The New Tama Go

The new Tamagotchi, The Tama Go is 
the end in a long line of Tamagotchis.
No, they're not stopping to make 
Tamagotchi's but they have changed
their name to Tama Town. To the 
Tama Go is like the Tama Town 
version 1. The Tama Go has got new and improvded features from the old Tamagotchis such as:

  • The Tama Go egg is larger not a particularly good feature but it does look better
  • The Tama Go can connect to characters which are sold separately
  • The Tama character unlocks and activates new games.
  • Every Tama Go Includes an interchangeable design sheet and 1 lite character unit
  • The Tama Go has a new 4-gray scale display screen for greater detail!
  • When you collect multiple characters, TamaTown rewards you with special announcement

There are two ways to get married on the Tama Go. The first is when your tamagotchi becomes an adult [Approx  3] the dating place will be available to go to in the door menu and find a mate there. After they're married the partner will move in and 24 hours later a baby will be born and the parents will leave the next night and you can raise the child. Or you can use two Tama Go's or a Music Star and when they like each other enough then they will eventually mate and have a baby the baby will move in with you but the other tamagotchi will not and the same will happen on the other one as well. The two babies [one on each tamagotchi] will both be the same gender. and then the parent will leave the next night.

On the Tama Go there are two new games Shoot the bug and long jump. Here are some videos to show you them.

Shoot the bug:
Sorry About The Quality
Long Jump:

Again Sorry About The Quality

Also here is a Tama Go growth chart to help you out.

Thank you to shawdy for making the growth chart and thank you to that is were I found it.

I will have more info and videos for the tama go next week until next time.


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  1. ok... Do the parents leave the child when they are old or what?